Memorable Quotes from Off The Map Live

“People with power never think about it; people without power think about it all the time.” -Thomas Friedman, quoted by Brian McLaren

“Unwillingness to hear, listen, and connect is a serious form of sin.” -Todd Hunter

“Remember that when the chips are down, the buffalo is empty.” -Richard Twiss (Rosebud Lakota/Sioux)

“The practice of Christianity, done well, is both dangerous and magnetic.” -Diana Butler Bass

“We are the survivors of the American imperial holocaust.” -Richard Twiss

“To deny that we have privilege is an abuse of our power.” -Brian McLaren

“Think before consuming. Embrace limits.” -Claudio Oliver

“You don’t have to feel guilty for being privileged; you just have to feel responsible.” -Brian McLaren

“Job said to God, ‘You don’t know what I am feeling as a man.’ The cross was God’s answer.” – Claudio Oliver

“We have the courage to name what is broken because we have hope.” -Lisa Domke

“How capable are we of bringing about authentic change if we don’t have voices from the margins?” -Richard Twiss

“I’ve been asleep, and I need to wake up now” – From the closing song by Jessica Ketola


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7 Responses to “Memorable Quotes from Off The Map Live”

  1. benjaminady Says:

    And this from Richard Twiss, a proverb: “When horn of buffalo point to fully moon, then beaver know he cannot fly.”

  2. benjaminady Says:

    er, that’s “full”, not “fully”

  3. Jim Says:

    thanks for being at OTML and for smiling and caring

  4. Sandy Greenbaum Says:

    quote from Richard Twist ; when asked by people what they can do to help
    He said “Start crying for the people you want to help, when your standing in the pool of your tears ask Jesus.”

  5. benjaminady Says:


    I was thinking that quote ended when “ask Jesus to resurrect you”

  6. Hear Listen Connect - Off The Map Live Says:

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  7. peter gerard scully Says:

    peter gerard scully…

    […]Memorable Quotes from Off The Map Live « Rachel Stanton[…]…

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